Chronic Kush Cannabis Sales for 4.20.2012

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A- for Craftsmanship. A for functionality. To have an oiler, the three hole diffuser is effective.


Height – 6.5 inches from end to table. Length – 5 inches over the ft.


This is actually the first really top end oiler I’ve bought. I like the pastel like purples and oranges, even the front ft and ribbing possess some dichro.

I’m also getting Mike create a dome looking for this piece. Becoming an adult in Bellingham, I’ve had the privilege of watching him along with a couple of others blow in the Nebula Glass Studio and occasionally Mr. Deppe themself.

Since that time, I’ve always aspired to then add of Jake’s glass not to mention Scott Deppe, but that’s a later date! My siblings and that i love this particular piece daily and anticipate adding more towards the collection. -calgarydabs2


420 Kush Style

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Top Ten Kushed Out Marijuana Strains Sold During Feb 2012

Master Kush Scrog Grow — Is it worth the effort?

I have seen many a marijuana blog about Master Kush Cannabis Seeds as they are a two time winner of the High times Cannabis Cup.  Master Kush Marijuana is a classic are favorite in the coffeeshops in Amsterdam.  The Kush Seed strain Grows well across all climates, and the smoke has an earthy smell and smooth flavor.  Master Kush Buds are a strong and bushy plant which produces a heavy,strong crop of marijuana tops thick with amber trichomes — with high THC. Master Kush grows well indoor or out.

While some of the dutch master growers feel that Master Kush makes an outstanding , honey oil, or just a simple syrup of marijuana (i.e) BHO extraction, still others think its just right for a scrog or Screen Of Green Growning technique. One of the more difficult aspects of gowing a srgog is the plant  training process.


Marijuana Cannabinol Oral Spray Requests FDA Endorsement


A marijuana seed-cannabinoid oral mist may get FDA “Thumbs- up” perhaps as soon as 2013 – Well if  British manufacturer GW Pharma has anything to say about it. The marijuana genetics based company is in forward-thinking clinical tests on the world’s 1st medicinal marijuana spray industrialized from raw marijuana seed genetics. Supports the legalization of Marijuana Seed Cultivation



UK Cheese Marijuana Seed Strain Review


UK Cheese marijuana seeds can be quite a pleasure to grow —  I’ve tried to grow marijuana  a couple of times before this with only some moderate success. It’s a 50 indica/ 50 sativa marijuana seed from what I’ve perceived and to me, it looks like it’s got some similar characteristics to the Kali Mist but marijuana seed… a bit better yield. It has big, massive calyxes.

I would wager to say you will never be disappointed when choosing the Uk Cheese varity of medical marijuana seeds!  This particular marijuana seed has an extremely delectable fruity and flowery mixture of smells… all the while this marijuana bud has a very spicy and distinct cheese taste that is quite unique. I would only recommend this cannabis strain for nighttime use, as its effects are quite hard hitting around the eyes and you receive a nice clear headed high.

The UK Cheese marijuana strain was actually not as hard to grow as I had first suspected. It almost seemed to be a novice and idiot-proof strain. It’s was originally created as a marijuana seed for the United Kingdom’s indoor marijuana growers. It was bred across the pound just for growing marijuana indoor. I don’t think they can grow a lot of marijuana outdoors in England….bit nippy that, eh?

UK Cheese takes about 60 to 70 days from marijuana seed to marijuana flower… better yield per plant would obviously take more time and effort.

Ordinarily one could expect to pull somewhere around eight ounces per marijuana plant grown.

Our UK Cheese marijuana plant topped out at about six — The pros of growing UK Cheese marijuana strains, it’s a great tasting bud; the cons —  it could have provided a better yield. ..Keep your eyes open It’s one of those marijuana strains that looks finished before it is.


Smell’s Like Pure Hog’s Breath… and that’s a good thing!

Hog’s Breath marijuana seeds are really a pure Indica. It has been produced for indoor use. It’s a different one of individuals that came from the Overgrow from in the Overgrow days. Hog’s Breath is fairly simple to grow as lengthy while you don’t over water it. Hog’s Breath cannabis seeds is really a pure Indica hybrid of like four different Indicas. Hog’s Breath is mainly indoor, however, you can grow it outdoors. You are able to most likely grow it inside a green house. I have seen it grown inside a green house.

Hog’s Breath marijuana strain usually earnings from 3 to 6 feet. It is a hairy plant. The buds are hairy, too. It’s strange. It appears like Real McCoy. People think it appears like cauliflowers. All of you have experienced no red-colored fur onto it whatsoever. It is a pure Indica strain seed. Hog’s Breath usually yields from 4 to 8 oz . a plant.

Hog’s Breath marijauna benefits and drawbacks is it’s real simple to grow. You’ve really reached ignore it full load to find the sugar onto it, to find the bag appeal since it is so diverse from many people are accustomed to searching at. We once had another strain like this up in B.C. known as Real McCoy, and there is a different one known as Nigerian Indica. I’m not sure where they were given that title, but they are all the same weight. If they are not necessarily sugary, it causes it to be real tough to sell, and will also grow leafy.

Similar strains towards the Hog’s Breath could be like Real McCoy or any of the Indicas that possess a low calyx to pistil to leaf ratio because you will find not so many pistils on the website.

OG Kush Calls California Home

The “Original Gangster” OG Kush originates from the San Fernando Valley in L.A. and is regarded as the strain that put Los Angeles marijuana genetics and flowers originating from up North. Developed over three decades and many years of backing in addition to developing an ideal fertilizer / food with this parrticular strain, led to an extraordinary kush, stated to become the most powerful indica today.

The marijuana strain OG Kush was formally a clone only strain. She stretches in veg but appears to fill herself in flower. She’s more compact nugs that exist a great yield from should you supercrop her while she’s growing. OG Kush favors to become grown inside inside a hydroponic setup.

There’s also another well-known marijuana OG lineage which was coded in Northern California, which story went something similar to this.. A man – we’ll call him up KushDawg with regard to this story – living somewhere  deep in the woods on the Northern California Coast was growing the initial cut from San Fernando Valley, the birthplace on most plant transporting the “OG” label.

One evening, KushDawg was chilling out in a local bar when another chap also sitting in the bar offered him a bowl of some special high grade marijuana. Intrigued, KushDawg recognized the sale. When the chap opened up the bag and also the dank, pungent OG aroma lifted in to the air, KushDawg understood immediately, unknowingly towards the chap, this is at fact their own plant. Because they toked the glorious plant, the chap made their own opinion regarding the origin from the plant, stating that it had been so excellent since it was “Mountain Grown.” KushDawg remedied the chap, “Naw guy, these things are ‘Ocean Grown,'” and therefore the plant was really grown inside around the Off-shore Coast.

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