Smell’s Like Pure Hog’s Breath… and that’s a good thing!

Hog’s Breath marijuana seeds are really a pure Indica. It has been produced for indoor use. It’s a different one of individuals that came from the Overgrow from in the Overgrow days. Hog’s Breath is fairly simple to grow as lengthy while you don’t over water it. Hog’s Breath cannabis seeds is really a pure Indica hybrid of like four different Indicas. Hog’s Breath is mainly indoor, however, you can grow it outdoors. You are able to most likely grow it inside a green house. I have seen it grown inside a green house.

Hog’s Breath marijuana strain usually earnings from 3 to 6 feet. It is a hairy plant. The buds are hairy, too. It’s strange. It appears like Real McCoy. People think it appears like cauliflowers. All of you have experienced no red-colored fur onto it whatsoever. It is a pure Indica strain seed. Hog’s Breath usually yields from 4 to 8 oz . a plant.

Hog’s Breath marijauna benefits and drawbacks is it’s real simple to grow. You’ve really reached ignore it full load to find the sugar onto it, to find the bag appeal since it is so diverse from many people are accustomed to searching at. We once had another strain like this up in B.C. known as Real McCoy, and there is a different one known as Nigerian Indica. I’m not sure where they were given that title, but they are all the same weight. If they are not necessarily sugary, it causes it to be real tough to sell, and will also grow leafy.

Similar strains towards the Hog’s Breath could be like Real McCoy or any of the Indicas that possess a low calyx to pistil to leaf ratio because you will find not so many pistils on the website.


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