UK Cheese Marijuana Seed Strain Review


UK Cheese marijuana seeds can be quite a pleasure to grow —  I’ve tried to grow marijuana  a couple of times before this with only some moderate success. It’s a 50 indica/ 50 sativa marijuana seed from what I’ve perceived and to me, it looks like it’s got some similar characteristics to the Kali Mist but marijuana seed… a bit better yield. It has big, massive calyxes.

I would wager to say you will never be disappointed when choosing the Uk Cheese varity of medical marijuana seeds!  This particular marijuana seed has an extremely delectable fruity and flowery mixture of smells… all the while this marijuana bud has a very spicy and distinct cheese taste that is quite unique. I would only recommend this cannabis strain for nighttime use, as its effects are quite hard hitting around the eyes and you receive a nice clear headed high.

The UK Cheese marijuana strain was actually not as hard to grow as I had first suspected. It almost seemed to be a novice and idiot-proof strain. It’s was originally created as a marijuana seed for the United Kingdom’s indoor marijuana growers. It was bred across the pound just for growing marijuana indoor. I don’t think they can grow a lot of marijuana outdoors in England….bit nippy that, eh?

UK Cheese takes about 60 to 70 days from marijuana seed to marijuana flower… better yield per plant would obviously take more time and effort.

Ordinarily one could expect to pull somewhere around eight ounces per marijuana plant grown.

Our UK Cheese marijuana plant topped out at about six — The pros of growing UK Cheese marijuana strains, it’s a great tasting bud; the cons —  it could have provided a better yield. ..Keep your eyes open It’s one of those marijuana strains that looks finished before it is.



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