OG Kush Calls California Home

The “Original Gangster” OG Kush originates from the San Fernando Valley in L.A. and is regarded as the strain that put Los Angeles marijuana genetics and flowers originating from up North. Developed over three decades and many years of backing in addition to developing an ideal fertilizer / food with this parrticular strain, led to an extraordinary kush, stated to become the most powerful indica today.

The marijuana strain OG Kush was formally a clone only strain. She stretches in veg but appears to fill herself in flower. She’s more compact nugs that exist a great yield from should you supercrop her while she’s growing. OG Kush favors to become grown inside inside a hydroponic setup.

There’s also another well-known marijuana OG lineage which was coded in Northern California, which story went something similar to this.. A man – we’ll call him up KushDawg with regard to this story – living somewhere  deep in the woods on the Northern California Coast was growing the initial cut from San Fernando Valley, the birthplace on most plant transporting the “OG” label.

One evening, KushDawg was chilling out in a local bar when another chap also sitting in the bar offered him a bowl of some special high grade marijuana. Intrigued, KushDawg recognized the sale. When the chap opened up the bag and also the dank, pungent OG aroma lifted in to the air, KushDawg understood immediately, unknowingly towards the chap, this is at fact their own plant. Because they toked the glorious plant, the chap made their own opinion regarding the origin from the plant, stating that it had been so excellent since it was “Mountain Grown.” KushDawg remedied the chap, “Naw guy, these things are ‘Ocean Grown,'” and therefore the plant was really grown inside around the Off-shore Coast.


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