Chronic Kush Cannabis Sales for 4.20.2012

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A- for Craftsmanship. A for functionality. To have an oiler, the three hole diffuser is effective.


Height – 6.5 inches from end to table. Length – 5 inches over the ft.


This is actually the first really top end oiler I’ve bought. I like the pastel like purples and oranges, even the front ft and ribbing possess some dichro.

I’m also getting Mike create a dome looking for this piece. Becoming an adult in Bellingham, I’ve had the privilege of watching him along with a couple of others blow in the Nebula Glass Studio and occasionally Mr. Deppe themself.

Since that time, I’ve always aspired to then add of Jake’s glass not to mention Scott Deppe, but that’s a later date! My siblings and that i love this particular piece daily and anticipate adding more towards the collection. -calgarydabs2


420 Kush Style

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