Master Kush Scrog Grow — Is it worth the effort?

I have seen many a marijuana blog about Master Kush Cannabis Seeds as they are a two time winner of the High times Cannabis Cup.  Master Kush Marijuana is a classic are favorite in the coffeeshops in Amsterdam.  The Kush Seed strain Grows well across all climates, and the smoke has an earthy smell and smooth flavor.  Master Kush Buds are a strong and bushy plant which produces a heavy,strong crop of marijuana tops thick with amber trichomes — with high THC. Master Kush grows well indoor or out.

While some of the dutch master growers feel that Master Kush makes an outstanding , honey oil, or just a simple syrup of marijuana (i.e) BHO extraction, still others think its just right for a scrog or Screen Of Green Growning technique. One of the more difficult aspects of gowing a srgog is the plant  training process.



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